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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to race with LDRC?
Mandatory fees:
  • Annual Driver Membership fee (required for every driver)
  • Race Entry fee (Endurance or Sprint)

  • Annual Mandatory Driver Membership cost for 2022 is $60.00

    Race entry prices for the 2022 season are listed below:

    REGULAR PRICE - $1850.00 / race
    LATE CAR ENTRY PRICE - $2050.00 / race (within 30 days of the event)

    SPRINT CLASS - The price for Sprint Class cars in 2022 is $300.00 for the first hour and $200.00 for each additional hour (payable at the track if you decide you want to purchase more time)

    We do occasionally have promotions so keep an eye on our social media pages.

    Click here to register.
    How do I Register?
    All driver registrations (for endurance team members or sprint drivers) are done through our LDRC portal, accessible here.
    How much does the annual driver membership cost?
    There is an annual membership fee for each driver which is $60+tax. Only drivers need a membership. Crew members do not need it. You can register here
    What are the typical cars you see racing at your events?
    To start with cars you see on the podium often, we have Porsche 944, Honda Civic/CRX/Prelude, Toyota MR2, BMW 3 series, GMC Sonoma (Yes that's right, a race-truck).
    Do you rent transponders at events?
    No, teams are now required to have their own transponder. If you need to purchase one, you can reach out to info@racelucky.ca.
    I'm looking for an "Arrive and Drive" opportunity, how do I find a seat?
    Many teams offer programs at various prices depending on the car and accommodations included. Feel free to check out our seats page or contact info@racelucky.ca and we can point you in the direction.
    What is the typical race weekend format?
    Depending on the event, we try to have the practice/qualifying session on Friday. Followed by 8 hours of racing (starting at 9am) on Saturday and another 8 hours of racing (starting at 9am) on Sunday. That's 16 hours of solid racing time in a single weekend.
    I have a street car that would be a perfect race car, but I'm not sure where to begin with conversion process.
    Building and maintaining a race car isn't for everyone, some folks just want to drive! There are a few reputable shops in Ontario that build and maintain race cars. For example, our sponsors, Ultraray Motorsports, located in the Oakville area and can cover all of your car-build and race-suit needs. Or if you want to do it yourself, you can also check out our Drivers Resource Center.
    Is there a championship?
    Yes. Over the course of the season teams will accumulate points. At the end of the final race of the season, the team that has accumulated the most points overall in their class will be the champions of the season and will receive a prize.
    What is the Sprint Class?
    Some teams / drivers prefer to do 30-60mins on track at a time, for various reasons. We like to cater to them too and give them the opportunity to get on track and do some wheel-to-wheel racing with open passing, instead of just boring point-by-lapping.
    What if my team changes class and we have championship points?
    We have rules in place to keep this in check. Please read our rule book and contact info@racelucky.ca if you have any questions.
    What if my lap times change from my qualifying times and my team gets faster or slower throughout the day?
    We expect there to be some degrees of change throughout the day. Depending on weather conditions, etc. We keep an eye on those things and generally the entire field speeds up and slows down to a degree with you. However, if the times change drastically enough to put you into another class, there will certainly be some sort of discussion between your team and race control.
    What is sandbagging?
    Here's an example. Having a car that is very capable of A-class speeds, but you are driving at the same speeds (slower) as B-class. Generally, it is to get a class-win instead of simply a top-ten. We do look out for this in the timing tower and we also typically have a rough idea of how fast most makes and models should go based on our data. We're racers too, remember? So, if we suspect your team for sand bagging at any time, we will address it immediately and your team will be notified.